Land at Filands. North East Malmesbury

New homes residential development

The purpose of this website is to provide residents living in the vicinity of the application site with an early opportunity to view Bloor Homes' proposals to build new homes on the land at Filands.

The proposed development site combines two parcels of land:

  • The land marked in blue to the north has recently been acquired by Bloor Homes and has already been granted Outline Planning Permission. This will now be the subject of more detailed design plans known as a Reserved Matters Application.

  • The land marked in red to the south has not yet been granted planning permission and will be subject to a separate planning application. This will be an Outline Planning Application.

Although the proposals are illustrative at this stage, the two sites demonstrate a capacity of accommodating up to circa 140 homes.

Scale Parameter Plan

Scale Parameter Plan

Planning the land

The acquisition of the northern parcel of land by Bloor Homes allows a masterplan to be prepared jointly across the two sites, the intention being to provide a more cohesive and integrated scheme for the two parcels.

It’s important to note that certain aspects of the submitted plan(s) may change as the application progresses through the planning application consultation and determination process.

The emerging plans include the following key features:

  • All vehicular access to and from the site will be off the B4014 - as indicated by the red arrow.
  • An emergency vehicle access and pedestrian/cycleway is being considered for the point marked with the blue arrow.
  • Potential land for a children’s nursery.
  • Retention and enhancement of the existing PRoW (MALM8); this will be linked to a new network of pedestrian and cycle routes within the site, encouraging physical activity and recreation.
  • A connected and multi-functional green infrastructure network has shaped the form and extent of development. This will accommodate areas for recreation, formal play (LEAP), existing and proposed planting, biodiversity enhancement and attenuation. A varied network of spaces and places within the site also provide plentiful opportunities for social interaction.

The following plan provides and early indication of the core layout parameters of the site, the residential areas, road layout and public spaces.

Land Use Parameter Plan

Land Use Parameter Plan

These are early days in the planning process. More detailed plans will emerge as the application process and local consultation progresses.

The following plan provides an early indication of the core layout parameters of the site, the residential areas, road layout and public spaces.

Proposed Masterplan Layout Plan

Proposed Masterplan Layout Plan

Why develop this land for more housing?

The UK Government has called for Local Authorities in England to significantly increase the number of new homes planned-for in their emerging Local Plans.

A key problem lies in the amount of policy-compliant, viable development sites that are available. National planning policy requires Councils to have enough sites ready for development to meet their housing need for the next five years.  Wiltshire Council is not able to currently demonstrate that it has a five-year housing land supply.

Bloor Homes believes this site is suitable and deliverable and can therefore contribute towards meeting Wiltshire Council’s housing needs.

It is also the Government’s view that there are a range of other benefits to housebuilding, including an important economic contribution through investment and employment during these difficult financial times.

Local Infrastructure Contributions

Section 106 Contributions and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Most locally consented, large-scale planning applications are required to contribute towards local infrastructure costs. Section 106 Contributions help address the need for improvements towards local education provision and affordable housing needs.

S106 can also include local public open-spaces and play-spaces.

The proposals meet with current Wiltshire Council policy requiring that 40% of the development is available as affordable housing.

The forms of tenure of the allocated properties (Social-rental, Intermediate-rental and Shared-ownership) will be agreed in partnership with the District Council and the appointed Registered Housing Provider (Housing Association).

A similar approach will also be applied with respect to local education needs – taking account that the site may include land for a children’s nursery.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy system charges a fixed percentage of development value above a set threshold. In this case, a charge equivalent to £85 per square metre of development value. That may generate a value in the region of £900,000 to £1,000,000.

Local Parish and Town Councils with ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans may claim up to 25% of the agreed CIL contribution. Those without an adopted plan can claim up to 15%.

Local Highways

The site is proposed to take access from the B4014, which has been approved as part of the outline planning permission on the site. Bloor Homes can also be requested to provide funding towards local Highways improvements, where relevant, via a Section 278 Agreement.

Currently, all of the above will be subject to further discussion and scrutiny as the application determination and consultation process progresses.

The Public Right of Way

Bloor Homes has made provision for ensuring connectivity and the protection and enhancement of the existing Public Right of Way within the site.

Do you have any friends, neighbours or colleagues who'd like to comment on this proposal?


Please use this feedback form to record any comments and views you may have about the development proposals. The feedback we receive will be shared with members of Bloor Homes technical team to help guide and inform the design of the site.

Simply click the Send Feedback button when you have completed your comments.

The feedback comments will be recorded verbatim in a Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority as part of a future planning application. A unique reference number will be assigned to each comment; any direct personal data in the comment is redacted. Please read our Privacy Notice for further details.

The email, website and Freepost response facilities will be available throughout the statutory consultation period.

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